Check Webmail Inbox From Gmail and send from Gmail

February 17, 2020
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February 17, 2020 MItch Daniel

Check Webmail Inbox From Gmail and send from Gmail

Using Gmail to check your webmail or domain email makes life much easier. I’ll explain in this tutorial how to achieve that.

What is webmail? Do I need webmail?

Webmail is used to check your domain’s POP or IMAP email using a web interface that can be accessed via any internet browser. Usually, you can access your domain webmail at a URL something like Most Webhosting control panels offer something similar. They might offer email clients such as Round Cube, Squirrel Mail, RainLoop and a few others. Once you arrive at your webmail it will prompt you for a username/email address and password credentials.

Once logged into your webmail via a web browser you can now send and receive emails from this interface. With webmail, it is hosted on your web server usually. Emails are stored on your webserver. When you use POP to retrieve these emails it will leave a copy on the server while be downloaded to your email client of choice. When using IMAP to retrieve the emails from the server the email client deletes the email from the server once it has been downloaded into your email client. The webmail interface might offer you an inbox with some features very similar to other email clients such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail.  Some email clients offer different features such as different folders to organize mail, a calendar to save events to many others.

Alternative Email Options

Being a web developer and working with hundreds of clients, I get the question all the time “How can I check my webmail from my Gmail or outlook email client. Or what are my options? I always recommend one of two options.

  1. Use Google Suites to host and send your emails for your business and or domain. $6 a month per user
  2. Use your current Gmail account to check your webmail via pop or IMAP – FREE

How to Check Webmail Inbox From Gmail and send from Gmail

Step 1

Get to Gmail settings Hit the gear > settings > account

google settings

Step 2

If you have any old accounts already in your settings you can just delete it and add new ones. Don’t worry no emails won’t be deleted from your Gmail account.

remove old accounts

Step 3

Add your account and enter your email address this will be your custom domain email.

add account

add a mail account

Username: is your email address in this case

Password: will be what you use to log in to your webmail account

POP Server:

Port: 995 (it may be different in other cases)

I always recommend the checked options above.

Step 4 -Sending Email as custom email address

If you have successfully added your webmail credentials you should get a prompt that indicates if you want to send from the custom email address we just added. Click Next

account alias

Name: The name you want the user to see who it’s from

Checkmark treat as an alias

send email verification

Send Verification email. Gmail will send your custom email address a verification email. At this point, everything is set up except you need to click the verification link you get in your custom email inbox.  You got 2 choices.

  1. Log into your webmail and check the inbox for the verification email.
  2. Tell  Gmail to check your custom inbox immediately
    • or wait for Gmail to check the inbox.

check email now

Gmail checks your custom email pop server randomly. There is no set interval or how often it is checked. You may have to do this if you are waiting for an email.

To Send from your new email address

send from email

Compose a new email like normal and then click the down arrow on the from line and it will give the option to choose which email address you want to send from. You will see your Gmail account listed along with your newly added email address. If your not in a hurry this is a great method to get your custom domain email in Gmail.


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